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My experience in the world is great and dark, no matter how youthful my skin might appear…

I’ve been a wallflower and watcher of many. I’ve been the child of an emotionally unavailable parent. I’ve been the insatiable student. I’ve been an unconsenting body. I’ve been the cheatee and cheater. I’ve been the co-dependent partner. I’ve played the drunk and addict. I’ve been the dissociating problem glosser. I’ve been the mobile, resourceful military wife. I’ve been the postpartum mother x’s 2. I’ve been the motherless mother. I’ve been the divorcee. I’ve been polyamourous. I’ve been the best friend. And now the fully committed conscious partner…

We’ve all been many things that shape our understanding of the world. Our experiences help give others perspective and validation. My experience and my connection with spirit is here to be a guide and a teacher. 


My entire life I have researched, read, and tested the most effective ways to feel better. Why?! I mean...why wouldnt ya? But seriously, being a highly sensitive person in this world has it’s benefits and drawbacks. There have been times in my life that it’s wreaked havoc. The external stimuli + internal nit picking + lack of support perspective has sent me into crippling depressions. We as human beings need connection and we need physical touch. These things alone can make a person thrive! Every person is different, every person needs different things, every person's path is different. But these things can be easier w a guide. Kensho vs Satori. Do we learn to ride a bike by ourselves falling again and again until we are bloodied or do we learn by asking for support asking for someone to hold our seat and push us in the right direction? It’s your choice. I can only show you the door but you have to walk through it.



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